Solanium Whitelist Results

Monday 17 May at 12:00 PM (UTC) our whitelisting portal will open again and show the results of the public sale lottery as well as airdrop eligibility. This article will explain a bit more about the lottery process as well as the next steps if you are selected as lucky winner!

Important: There are a lot of fake groups, websites and channels circulating. Solanium will never ask for funds through Telegram. Our team will never DM you. Always use our official website:, you can find links to our official social media channels on there as well.


Timeline for the coming weeks.

Public sale

1000 tickets were selected in the public sale lottery. If you are a lucky winner you will see your allocation after verifying you wallet on our website.

What you will see if you have won in the lottery but did not verify your identity yet.

Note that lottery winners need to verify their identity before Wednesday (19 May) 12:00 PM (UTC) to be able to participate in the public sale. Once your identity is verified you can purchase SLIM tokens through our official website only on Friday (21 May) at 12:00 PM (UTC). We will publish a separate blog post later this week with instructions on how to participate in the public sale rounds.

What you will see if you have won in the lottery and verified your identity.

Because we had a lot of interest for our public sale, many participants in the whitelist can not participate in the public sale due to the limited amount of spots.

After our public sale we will provide liquidity on Raydium at the day of the token distribution. The pool will not go live before 23 May so be aware of fake links. The pool link will be announced through our official social media channels.

Airdrop eligibility

Connect and verify your wallet to check if you are eligible for the airdrop.

No action will be required to receive the airdrop and you will automatically receive the tokens in your Solana wallet on 23 May.

What you will see if you are eligible for the airdrop.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the tokens be distributed?

The public sale tokens as well as the airdrop tokens will be distributed on the 23rd of May. We will announce the exact time through our official social media channels.

How much SLIM do I receive per ticket?

The airdrop will be distributed in multiple rounds. The first round will be at 0.6 SLIM per ticket. More information about the upcoming rounds later will be shared. You have been automatically opted in for all airdrop rounds.

What is the minimum amount to purchase in the public sale?

1 SOL.

What is the SOL rate that will be used for the public sale?

The final rate may differ and will be displayed on our website at the time of the sale.

What happens to the users that do not pass verification?

Their allocation will get distributed over users that did pass verification. So you might end up with a bigger allocation at the time of the public sale.

What happens to users that do not 100% fill their allocation?

There will be a second public sale round. The leftover allocation will get distributed over all participants that filled 100% of their allocation in round 1. We will publish more details about this in a separate blog post later this week.

The whitelisting page says that my tickets are marked as invalid?

Your account has been marked as an automated entry. If you think this is a mistake, do you can contact us via . We are able to identify if entry has been made via a bot or automation, thus, do contact us only if it’s a true mistake.

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