Solanium Staking is live! Claim Your xSLIM Bonus! LFG!

The team are very proud to bring to you the first of our many exciting innovations to come in the Solana startup space. Our staking portal is now live, in beta. Whoop! And to celebrate, for just 72 hours, all xSLIM bonuses will be DOUBLED, and remain so, for as long as they remain staked. Bonus ends 11:59PM UTC 24 June, so get staking!

That’s right folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The all-important xSLIM tokens may now be claimed for staking on our platform. Plus, our liquidity providers will now receive their 2.5 times xSLIM bonus when adding SLIM to Raydium. That equates to a 5x bonus on liquidity providing.

We will now provide important info about staking. We will also follow this article with a ‘Liquidity Providing For Moonbois (and gals) on our medium blog.

Display of staking portal


For all who wish to stake their tokens in order to pick up xSLIM, ready for our epic launches this Solana summer, please follow the following steps:

1. Click on the following link.

2. Connect your Sollet or compatible wallet

3. Make sure there is at least 0.01 SOL balance

4. Input how many SLIM tokens you wish to stake

5. Input the length of time you wish to stake

6. Click ‘stake’

That’s how easy it is.

Important Info

- The staking portal is in Beta. Please bear with us a we iron out any bugs. Also, please report any issues as clearly and calmly as possible to our great community mods.

- The 2x staking bonus will continuously apply to all amounts staked for 365 days, during the first 72 hours, if that same staked amount is continually re-staked into the future. So, you will get the 2x bonus as long as the initial stake does not end.

  • There is also a minimum stake of 100 Slim, as shown below
Display of Staking portal with minimum

That’s it for now. For anyone looking to provide liquidity, our guide will follow shortly. Please do provide us constructive feedback as we continue to build this sophisticated, all in one, Solana accelerator from the ground up. We really value our wonderful community’s ideas and opinions. See you in there!



Decentralized fundraising and trading platform on the Solana blockchain.

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Decentralized fundraising and trading platform on the Solana blockchain.