Solanium NFT Launchpad

NFT’s in Solana has been a rather exciting space, with talented artists bringing up our core ape mentality when coming up with beautiful masterpieces. NFT is starting to become an asset in one’s portfolio and in Solanium we aim to deliver the most unique and enjoyable experience to our Community.

How does it work?

Launching NFT is like any other quality project we bring into Solanium but the key difference is the raise is in $SOL.

To participate we have two pools:

  1. Staking Pool
  2. Social Pool

You will be getting your allocation in the form of the number of NFTs you will be able to purchase. (e.g. Tier 1–1 NFT, Tier 5–5 NFT) More details will be announced once we do our first launch!

There will also be a cap on the number of NFTs launched.

How do I win?

We will be using a lottery system for our NFT launches and distribution — Similar to our project launches. The interesting catch is that these NFTs are randomly distributed!

That’s enough teaser, for now, follow our socials below to stay tuned for our NFT launches. We continue to strive to be the go-to launchpad for our community in Solana and let’s make this #SolaniumSummer a crazy one!

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