Solanium Governance 🅿️rogamme (G🅿️)

3 min readMar 27, 2022


Celebrating our 1 year anniversary with Solanium ($SLIM) — Launched 38 projects, ~25k unique stakers & achieving over $100 mil TVL at ATH. None of these would be possible without the help of our community.

Solanium is built with ‘For the community, By the community’ mantra in mind. Started with a few friends from different communities, with a common passion for the blockchain, we came together to create a community launchpad to empower the community. We are proud to be able to realize this dream of ours by Introducing G🅿️ — We want to give our community the power to vote for projects to be launched on Solanium. After which, a roadmap on what we have been building and what’s more to come for Solanium!

Governance 🅿️rogramme — G🅿️

Solanium community is able to vote for projects as part of our due diligence process.

This is the due diligence process we take:
1. Review pitch deck & tokenomics
2. Get on a team call with the project team
3. Update project proposal on our voting page
4. Community gets to vote for the project

5. Set up project page and prepare for launch 🚀

The power in the last step of due diligence is in your hands — You guys can vote on whether or not we proceed with the NFT sale or Token sale of a particular project using your xSLIM tokens.

Duration for each project poll: 5–7 days
Success measurement: >75% Votes YES

We will be constantly updating the governance feature to give our community the best experience with regards to determining the projects to be launched on Solanium. Feel free to share with us your thoughts to take this to the next level 🎆

Solanium Roadmap

This is our upcoming roadmap, we did not mention it previously as we were making plans to ensure that all these are made possible. Thankfully, we are on track to making all these into reality.

Dynamic staking and staking rewards are one of our key focus in the coming months 🚀

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates. This is going to be a year of evolving for Solanium! Keep the spirit high, we’re in this together 👐

Also… this looks pretty rare 😉 We’re verified!

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