Solanium Development Updates + Words from our CMO 5/9/2022

4 min readSep 5, 2022

Hey Solanium Family, its Jon here CMO of Solanium, let us take a walk through memory lane on all the amainzg progress on Solanium

Solanium Governance 🅿️rogamme (G🅿️)

We introduced Solanium Governance Programme (G🅿️) as a way to empower our community to have a say on what is being launched on Solanium.

This is the due diligence process we take:
1. Review pitch deck & tokenomics
2. Get on a team call with the project team
3. Update project proposal on our voting page
4. Community gets to vote for the project

5. Set up project page and prepare for launch 🚀

Our community will be the last level of due diligence on whether a project is being launched on us or not.

Duration for each project poll: 5–7 days
Success measurement: >75% Votes YES

Being a community-based launchpad this governance has been an important step in the spirit of decentralisation.

Solanium Shield

This was another key milestone and to implement this we had a lot of areas to consider.

Given that launchpad is an extremely competitive space, you can generally see it as a two-marketplace. One stakeholder is the community and the other is the project founders.

Given the bear market, implementing something that is not beneficial to project founders would potentially mean lower deal flow as well as launches. However, we decided to stay firm with our mantra “For the Community, By the Community” and introduced Solanium Shield.

Our general guidelines:

1/ Raised funds will only be sent to the project team after the first vesting issuance.

2/ Refunds will be made to investors if projects fail to maintain the token price above IDO price between TGE and the second vesting period.

3/Project tokens need to be on Centralised exchange in order for the launch tokens sales on Solanium unless special cases.

4/ Projects in the pipeline must meet a predetermined social and community metric before token distribution.

5/ We will require projects to submit a post-launch marketing plan

This has been kicked in for Sirius Finance, although the team has been amazing, token price did not perform up to standard doing their TGE (Mainly due to foul play of other launchpads)

Of course, personally I hope we would not have to ever kick in our Solanium shield.

Solanium Rebranding

Now comes into question, are we planning to stick to only launching Solana native projects? We pondered on this for a while and from the comments of our community, we decided to expand Multi-chain. This would mean Solanium community will be able to participate in launches on different chains. With our Solanioum rebranding we aim to achieve these few key goals:

  1. Onboard users to Solanium as easily as possible
  2. Aiming to launch only the best and top-performing projects
  3. Onboard KOL/KOC/Projects simply on our website

Ultimately, we’ll kick start Solanium academy to educate community on our different verticals of Cryptocurrency.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of education and this initiative will be huge for Solanium’s branding down the line.

We also included our trading function to allow users to easily swap tokens on our platform

The team at Solanium has always been a huge fan of giving back to the community and we were thinking of what are the best ways to kickstart giveaways during this bear market.

We have a few ideas in mind so keep your eyes peeled for constant giveaways!

So.. what’s next?

Until the market recovers and we see strong liquidity in the ecosystems again, we will be fixing any previous tasks such as staking, resyncing on failed transactions as well as making further tech implementations to facilitate smooth multi-chain launches.

Some words from our CMO

Well, thank you community for reading all the way here, if you guys don’t know me yet I’m Jon, the CMO of Solanium. I will be moving on from the CMO role to an advisor role to focus on my own venture.

To me, the past year and a half has been the most fun I ever had, granted we had down times but building this community from 0 as well as implementing all these initiatives such as the Solanium Shield and Governance programme has been extremely enjoyable for me.

Special thanks to the Solanium team for bringing me onboard at the start so I can grow this community. Met many amazing people from the Solanium community and project founders.

Having said that, I will still be part of the Solanium family and be in the chats, just not on an active basis.

You can always reach out to me on my Twitter ▶️

Keep on Building

As a launchpad, we have learnt and received tons of amazing feedback from the community. We will continue building for years to come and bring the best experience to our community.

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