Solanium Community Update — 23/7/21

4 min readJul 23, 2021


Hello Slimpies! It has been a while but we have very exciting events and news lined up for you! The team has their head buried in preparing for the upcoming IDO launches to ensure a smooth experience for our community.

In this update, we’ll be sharing the Community Timeline as well as the Announcement of our First Project IDO date! We treasure every single member of our community and if you have any feedback please do not hesitate to reach out to our crazy amazing community managers or our new CMO!

New CMO:

Speaking about the new CMO, Solanium is proud to announce that Jon Ren will join the project as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) beginning in July 2021. Previously from PetRock Capital, Jon has strengthened renowned portfolio companies such as Only1, Party Parrot, and Lithium Finance. He was also the lead marketer for Step Finance token launch. He has also served as the strategic advisor to Volatility Protocol, Faraland, and Showcase. Jon will lead all the marketing and partnerships as Solanium continues to be the best community-based launchpad on the Solana ecosystem.

“Super excited to join the Solanium team and work very closely with the community, Solanium being a community focused project is something I am personally very passionate about,” said Jon Ren. “Looking forward to growing with the community as well as the team, it’s going to be a really fun journey!”

So what’s upcoming for the community?

Solanium AMA Community Call

1st Aug 2021:

We will be having our first community call on Telegram, the purpose of the community AMA is to give in-depth updates on all the new functionalities of the website as well as gather feedback from the community on how we can grow stronger together as a family.

📍Location: Solanium Lobby

More details along with exciting giveaways will be shared on 29th July 2021.

Grape Protcol Poker Event

7th Aug 2021:

To all the poker fans this will excite you — we’re partnering up with Grape Protocol with a Poker Event.

More details soonish…


What you all have been waiting for… SOLANIUM SEASON MARATHON!

Mark Your Calendars! The date of our first IDO has been confirmed, it will be held on 14th Aug 2021. An official announcement will be made so stay tuned to our announcement channel.

It’s going to be a marathon as we’ll be having more and more IDOs on the platform — things are going to get really busy!

For every project we bring into the Solanium launchpad, we do strict due diligence on the team as well as the potential to scale in this ecosystem. We pride ourselves to bring the best projects over to the community. Prior to the IDO, we will be hosting a project AMA on our telegram group and stand a chance to win a whitelist for the project IDO.

Development updates:

In our telegram announcement channel, we’ve announced new live updates which include the ability to follow your favourite projects and get project notifications through telegram!

Simply verify your telegram by clicking “Follow” on the project(s) and log in to your telegram account

The displayed profile picture is the same as your telegram’s — you can remain anonymous by changing the settings on the sidebar of the website

Further Development Update:

We have also added new interactive animations to the site as well as improvements on mobile view for a better experience on tablet/smaller devices

IDO Project Details — Coming Soon!

Upcoming Development Updates:

Prior to the project launch — we are going to include a full list of details of the project on our website, including the team composition as well as the roadmap. This is to ensure that every community member is aware of project details and knows why all these projects we bring in are the best of the best!

The Wrap:

Well, that’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it! We hope you enjoyed this community update, we are building as fast as we can, whilst prioritizing the quality and security of the protocol, very highly. We are thankful for each and every one of you to be part of this amazing journey for us, we’re building hard not just for this bull run, but for all the subsequent bull runs. See you guys in the discussion group!