SLIM trading now live on Raydium

We have added liquidity on Raydium and the SLIM token is now trade-able through the swapping interface! Read this article to learn how to use Raydium and how to trade SLIM tokens.

If you are already familiar with trading on Solana and Raydium, you can directly go to the swap by clicking here.

Raydium is an automated market maker (AMM) built on the Solana blockchain which leverages the central order book of the Serum decentralized exchange (DEX) to enable lightning-fast trades, shared liquidity and new features for earning yield. Check out their documentation if you want to know more!

You can either trade through this direct link or read the following steps on how to manually import the SLIM/SOL market:

On Raydium’s website, go to the swap tab. Click on the ‘search’ button:

and import the SLIM/SOL market ID: GekRdc4eD9qnfPTjUMK5NdQDho8D9ByGrtnqhMNCTm36

Now confirm this market ID and confirm that you want to trade on it. You are now all set and ready to trade!

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to have some SOL in your wallet to cover transaction fees. Solana has low transaction fees, 1 SOL is enough to cover hundreds of transactions.



Airdrop is around 85% done at the time of writing, still in progress!



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