Launching DeltaFi — IDO Guidelines

If you’re a trader this is something to keep a lookout for! DeltaFi outlines its mission — Built for traders, liquidity providers and market makers and the machine-learning technology that powers their novel design.

So if you’re looking for a decentralized exchange with an optimal user experience with high yields, deep liquidity with mitigated risk, cross-chain swapping, and that leverages all Solana’s ecosystem has to offer, then look no further.

With a suite of features, DeltaFi aims to provide the best AMM and DEX experience for all their users.

Something interesting about DeltaFi is the diverse background of their founders alongside their strong backing from notable VCs.

If you are keen to learn more about DeltaFi in detail their documentation is extremely exhaustive, something we do not see alot nowadays ▶️

We are extremely proud to bring DeltaFi to our Solanium community — sharing the best to our community.

We would like to once again remind our community that once you have successfully KYC’d in any of our IDOs — you can use the same wallet address to participate in subsequent Solanium project launches (without needing to do the verification process again)

We have also opened KYC for Tier 4 and 5 (Guaranteed Allocation) stakers — Go to the sidebar and click on Identity Verification

DeltaFi— IDO Details

  • Token: $DELFI
  • Price Per Token: 0.5
  • Number of Tokens: 2,000,000 DELFI
  • Accepted Currency: USDC
  • Total raise in Public Sale: $1,000,000 USDC
  • Distribution: Unlocked

DeltaFi— IDO Timeline (UTC)

  • Whitelist Start: Jan 12, 2022–2:00:00 PM
  • Whitelist Lottery Results: Jan 14, 2022–4:00:00 PM

== KYC for Whitelist Winners ==

  • Sale Start: Jan 14, 2022–4:00:00 PM
  • Distribution: TBA

How to participate in whitelist for DeltaFi

1️⃣ ️Whitelist Start: Jan 12, 2022–2:00:00 PM (UTC)

2️⃣ Go to

3️⃣️ Connect your Solana wallet

4️⃣ Connect your Telegram

5️⃣ Follow the tasks to increase your chance for winning the allocation

6️⃣ Participate in the Referral Campaign to gain the additional social ticket(s)

Social Pool

A percentage of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to the Social Pool.
You can collect Social Tickets by performing various social tasks such as Telegram and Twitter Tasks

Staking Pool

A large part of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to Staking Pool tickets.
You can only get Staking Pool tickets by staking SLIM or SLIM-LP tokens.
Increase your Staking Pool tickets by increasing your token stake or extending your lock time

Staking pool ticket is an estimation and the final snapshot will be taken at the time of lottery results

Please note:

  • Please beware of the fake bots sending you messages — Do check with our amazing CM’s for any suspicious messages
  • Always check the URL you’re visiting:
  • “the DELFI tokens nor the transactions for them have not been registered under the Unites States Securities Act of 1933 and any related securities may not offered or sold in the United States or to United States persons unless registered with the Securities Exchange Commission or if a registration exemption is available”

DeltaFi Socials (Beware of Scammers, DeltaFi Team will not DM You for funds):


Solanium Socials:

Telegram Lobby:
Telegram Announcement Channel:




Decentralized fundraising and trading platform on the Solana blockchain.

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Decentralized fundraising and trading platform on the Solana blockchain.

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