Introducing Solanium Tiers [Updated]


As we have said, in order to qualify for tiers, you need to hold xSLIM. And, in order to receive xSLIM, you have to stake your SLIM or SLIM-LP tokens.

As mentioned in our white-paper, our staking mechanism is inspired by the veCRV staking model. Here are some of the notable features:

  • If a holder locks their stake ahead of time, they can receive a bonus multiplier on their xSLIM balance.
  • Staked tokens may only be withdrawn when the selected lock-time has passed. But, as previously mentioned, SLIM can always be re-locked to reset the multiplier to it’s maximum.
  • The maximum lock-time is 1 year. Maximum lock time reward ratio is 1 SLIM = 1xSLIM. If a holder chooses to lock for 6 months, it is half the maximum. Therefore, the reward ratio for 1 SLIM = 0.5 xSLIM, and so on.


Tier 1

Requirement: 100 xSLIM

Tier 2

Requirement: 1000 xSLIM

Tier 3

Requirement: 5000 xSLIM

Tier 4

Requirement: 10,000 xSLIM
Guaranteed allocation

Tier 5

Requirement: 50,000 xSLIM
Guaranteed allocation

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the name of the Tiers?

It will be just Tier 1 to 5.

How to increase chance in Lottery?

You can do our social tasks to increase your odds.

What if there are no users in a specific Tier?

The ticket size will increase.

What happens to unsold tokens?

The project can decide from various options (airdrop, second round, FCFS etc).

What happens if it is more viable to downgrade your Tier (in terms of odds or allocation)

You can manually set your Tier lower to a Tier that you are eligible for.

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