Introducing Solanium Tiers

Welcome to our reveal of Solanium Tiers. Solanium Tiers is the core of the Solanium platform and represents a certain score of commitment. Each tier comes with its own benefits and privileges. To find out more, including the minimum you must do to qualify for a tier, this is a must read!

Solanium Tiers and Solanium Staking go hand-in-hand. To qualify for a specific tier, you must hold a minimum amount of xSLIM tokens. To get xSLIM tokens, you MUST be staking SLIM-LP or SLIM tokens. xSLIM are governance tokens with specific utility, and are therefore not tradable or transferable.

Remember: If You Don’t Stake, Your Investment Won’t End Up In Tiers, But Tears..

SLIM-LP tokens

SLIM-LP tokens are given as rewards to incentivise providing liquidity in our Raydium Pool. Whenever a SLIM holder provides an equivalent amount of both SLIM and SOL to the Raydium pool, they become a liquidity provider (LP). LPs receive LP tokens proportional to their share of the total liquidity on Raydium. Also, as an incentive to holders for providing liquidity, SLIM-LP tokens offer a 2.5x xSLIM bonus multiplier, or weighting, when compared to staked SLIM tokens.

Whenever SLIM tokens are staked, the SLIM value is calculated and set for the total duration of the stake. But, due to the nature of liquidity pools, the notional value of an LP token will also change constantly, potentially disadvantaging the LP. However, on Solanium, any re-lock results in xSLIM being recalculated.

For example: You have 100 SLIM LP tokens representing 100 SOL and 1000 SLIM in liquidity. That means that 1 LP token represents 10 SLIM. Staking 1 SLIM LP token with a maximum lock of 1 year will therefore result in 25 xSLIM (including the x2.5 bonus). Now let’s say the price has changed and 1 LP token now represents 15 SLIM. You can just re-lock your tokens to reset your xSLIM calculation.

You Ready To Become An LP Yet?

Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand yet. We will be releasing a guide on how to provide liquidity on Raydium. We will also create our own UI to easily add liquidity to the pool through our own platform. Oh, and remember the risks of impermanent loss when providing liquidity..


As we have said, in order to qualify for tiers, you need to hold xSLIM. And, in order to receive xSLIM, you have to stake your SLIM or SLIM-LP tokens.

As mentioned in our white-paper, our staking mechanism is inspired by the veCRV staking model. Here are some of the notable features:

  • If a holder locks their stake ahead of time, they can receive a bonus multiplier on their xSLIM balance.
  • Staked tokens may only be withdrawn when the selected lock-time has passed. But, as previously mentioned, SLIM can always be re-locked to reset the multiplier to it’s maximum.
  • The maximum lock-time is 1 year. Maximum lock time reward ratio is 1 SLIM = 1xSLIM. If a holder chooses to lock for 6 months, it is half the maximum. Therefore, the reward ratio for 1 SLIM = 0.5 xSLIM, and so on.

For example: You have 1000 SLIM tokens. You will lock these for 3 months, this means you will receive 250 xSLIM on the first day of your stake. Each day your balance will decrease by 2.77 xSLIM. After 30 days you have 166 xSLIM and you decide to re-lock your initial stake for 3 months again, so your new balance is 250 xSLIM.


Requirement: 100 xSLIM

Requirement: 1000 xSLIM

Requirement: 5000 xSLIM

Requirement: 10,000 xSLIM
Guaranteed allocation

Requirement: 50,000 xSLIM
Guaranteed allocation

We are continuously evaluating our distribution model to make it the most fair model out there. An example of the distribution of our last sale:

Total raise: 160 000 USDC

Tier 1: $57 USD allocation (15% win rate)
Tier 2: $79 USD allocation (30% win rate)
Tier 3: $90 USD allocation (90% win rate)
Tier 4: $162 USD allocation (guaranteed allocation, 100% win rate)
Tier 5: $771 USD allocation (guaranteed allocation, 100% win rate)

We will be updating our website this week to include a staking calculator. You can easily calculate the amount of xSLIM tokens you receive based on the type of token, amount and lock-time you set.

We will also be working on our own UI to provide liquidity to the Raydium pool. This means that you do not need to leave the Solanium platform to provide liquidity.

The staking portal is in heavy development as well and we expect to release this within two weeks. Once the staking portal is live the first IDO launches will take place right afterwards.

Once the staking portal is live an early staker incentive program will be run, giving all the day 1 stakers an xSLIM bonus. More information on this will be published next week.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will announce the official names and icons soon.


The ticket size will increase.

The project can decide from various options (airdrop, second round, FCFS etc).

You can manually set your Tier lower to a Tier that you are eligible for.

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