Aethir Node Sale on Solanium: Unlocking the Future of Cloud Computing

3 min readMar 10, 2024

At Solanium, we are dedicated to providing our stakers with unparalleled opportunities and exclusive benefits in the ever-expanding world of DeFi.

And so, we’re excited to announce our next upcoming Node Salewith Aethir — Distributed GPU Cloud Infrastructure for Gaming & AI.

Aethir brings a unique proposition to the table, focusing on enterprise-grade AI with GPU-as-a-service. Aethir’s forward-thinking approach aligns with Solanium’s vision of supporting groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of what DeFi can achieve, while fostering a vibrant and rewarding ecosystem for our community.

Solanium is proud to have been selected as a launchpad partner for Aethir’s Node Sale. With a proven track record of conducting successful and equitable IDOs for cutting-edge projects, we stand as the ideal partner to facilitate Aethir’s debut in the Arbitrum ecosystem. This partnership ensures that our community secures premier access to Aethir’s tokens, providing an exclusive opportunity to be part of the project’s journey right from its inception.

Aethir — Node Sale Details

Aethir Inital Node Offering Timeline
Aethis Node Sale Details
  • Price Per Node: $999
  • Number of Nodes: 235
  • Accepted Currency: Solana USDC
  • Solanium Shield: No (as NFTs will not be transferable in the first year.)

Advantage for Solanium Stakers

Solanium stakers will gain a distinct advantage in the Aethir Node Sale.

Aethir has allocated nodes under Tier 4–10 to the Solanium community. This allocation ensures that Solanium stakers secure the best prices, better than what will be accessible during the public sale.

It’s worth noting that once Aethir goes public, the node prices are expected to reach approximately $2,000 or more.

Due to the limited number of nodes available and that each are sold in whole units (e.g., no fractional purchase), the sale procedure deviates from the conventional IDO model. In the initial 24 hours, Solanium Tier 5 stakers will have priority for purchasing Checker Nodes. In the event of a surplus of Tier 5 stakers compared to the available nodes, those with the highest xSLIM holdings will be prioritised.

After the 24 hours, Tier 4 stakers will then gain access to purchase nodes. Subsequently, any remaining supply after 24 hours will be distributed through a lottery system among Tier 1 — Tier 3 stakers, with higher-tier stakers enjoying increased odds in the lottery.

Stakers seeking a higher chance of allocation may participate in our social tasks, where accumulated points can increase the likelihood of allocation.

For those eyeing Aethir’s own public sale on their platform (with prices expected to be higher and on a first-come-first-serve basis), Solanium has an exclusive offer. Participants can utilise the code ‘solanium’ to receive a 10% discount on the public sale price.

Being a part of the Solanium community has its values during groundbreaking opportunities! 😉

Do take note that this sale is not to purchase the ATH token, but to purchase a (NFT) license to run a Checker Node. The NFT (Checker Node) is non transferable for the first year. The rewards received by running the node come with linear vesting over 4 years with 6 months auto-staking (can be un-staked early with a penalty). A quarterly bonus is rewarded for those who maintained uptime of >95%.

What’s Next?

While not yet confirmed, it has been speculated that Aethir will host an airdrop for its node holders.

To stay updated on the latest news, head to Aethir’s official website or follow them on X.




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