If you’re a huge fan of DeFi, GooseFX is something not to be missed! GooseFX is your premier destination for everything DeFI. They plan to offer tokenized stock trading along with derivatives for stocks and cryptocurrencies with single-sided liquidity providing for yield farming. …

If you’re a huge fan of games, you’ll love Cryowar! With crazy amazing graphics as well as game style this is something definitely to be excited for!

Follow Cryowar on our product page: https://www.solanium.io/project/cryowar/

Cryowar Teaser Trailer

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video speaks a million…

We are extremely proud to announce DeFi land being part of our Solanium family and our next IDO project! DeFi land is probably one of the most anticipated project in this Solana ecosystem, bringing gamification to yield farming and also enabling users to manage your DeFi assets in one place!

We are proud to have Waggle Network as part of our Solanium family! There will be many interesting partnerships going forward benefitting our Solanium community.

AMA Details

Date: 30/09/2021

Time: 1pm UTC

Location: Solanium Lobby

We are proud to announce that Waggle Network will be the next IDO project on Solanium! If you’re always interested to buy your favourite project tokens at a much lower price — Waggle is something you should definitely be a part of!

Follow Waggle Network on our product page: https://www.solanium.io/project/waggle-network/

Hey Solaniums! Hope you guys are enjoy our Solanium Marathon! Having cross 100mil TVL was a huge milestone for us!

We are hosting our MatrixETF x Solanium AMA as well as Meme Contest — Let’s get even more creative!

AMA Details

Date: 18/09/2021

Time: 11am UTC

Location: Solanium Lobby

We are proud to announce that MatrixETF will be the next IDO project on Solanium! The raise is small so this will be astronomical!

Follow MatrixETF on our product page: https://www.solanium.io/project/matrix-etf/

We would like to once again remind our community that once you have successfully KYC’d in any of our…

In this post, we will explain more about how the lottery style works for NFT drops and answer the most frequently asked questions regarding our first NFT drop.

With the upcoming Flippies NFT sale, Solanium is positioning itself to bring fair and quality launches to the Solana ecosystem. We have…

Solanium is proud to announce our first NFT Launch and Flippies is coming to invade the Solana blockchain

Follow Flippies on our product page: https://www.solanium.io/project/flippies-nft/

There is no need for KYC.

Flippies NFT — Launch Details

  • Token Type: NFT
  • Price: 4.00 $SOL
  • Total Supply: 10,000
  • Accepted Currency: SOL

Flippies NFT — IDO Timeline (UTC)

  • Whitelist Start: Sep 10, 2021–10:00:00 AM
  • Whitelist…

NFT’s in Solana has been a rather exciting space, with talented artists bringing up our core ape mentality when coming up with beautiful masterpieces. NFT is starting to become an asset in one’s portfolio and in Solanium we aim to deliver the most unique and enjoyable experience to our Community.

How does it work?


Decentralized fundraising and trading platform on the Solana blockchain.

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